All About Me - Lindsey Hiffa-Spine Photography

Hi! I'm Lindsey!

part time photographer | part time pit master

I'm a photographer based in Upstate New York (the best part), obsessed with capturing your authentic, raw, unplanned, messy, lovely, crazy, and most important moments. I'm a natural light, lifestyle photographer and a firm believer in capturing moments as they happen - not creating fake ones.

Most days you will find me with some type of coffee in my hand (probably a giant iced latte), trying to take a cute picture of my dogs (who am I kidding? EVERY picture is cute), watching the Office with my husband, or with dirt under my fingernails hanging out in my greenhouse. My family and I own a barbeque restaurant, so, more often than not you can find me there catching a lung full of smoke, elbow deep in a sink, or melting behind the grill! But hey, ya girl can cook! I love the outdoors and all it has to offer! I like to go out and get my boots dirty but I also like to stay in and lay low! Photography makes me feel all sorts of ways; excited, inspired, and so so grateful!  Although I'm only a part time photog, you can bet that I am fully invested in you and your story!


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